About Us

Founded in 2009, Rebemond initially positioned itself in the IT segment by offering consultancy in order
to find the best solutions for the software and hardware needs of our customers.

Whether the requests consisted of creating data networks, implementing software programs specific to
each client and their field of activity, hosting Internet domains or their online presence, Rebemond always
offers the optimal solution for the client, following a careful analysis and understanding of each business.

Our projects comprised in the detailed analysis of the needs of the client and offer an optimal solutions in
relation to the client field of activity as well as to the existing possibilities both financial and of another
nature of our clients.

Over time, our customer demands began to exceed the IT sector, so we have adapting to market demands,
Rebemond became a project integrator, taking on both the concept phase – finding the most competitive
solution and putting it into practice, design phase – establishing work schedules, stages, budgets as well
as execution and implementation, respectively finding the best suppliers and last but not least the most
advantageous conditions.

In addition to the regulations and legal obligations introduced in recent years for companies, Rebemond is
also authorized to provide physical security risk assessment services, performed by a certified assessor
and registered in the National Register of Physical Security Risk Assessors, maintained by the Romanian
Police – IGP.

We are proud to say that Rebemond does not refuse any challenge, and has the ability to always respond
with the best solutions!